Perfect Touch Salon

Imagine a safe, pain free way to detox your body without pills or costly

The foot detox is not new. It has been practiced for years. Our passion
and desire for people to have better health and a better well being has
prompted us to offer what so many people across the globe are

At a very affordable price a 30 minute session can change your life for
the better...

Every organ in the body is connected to the feet. When the 4,000 pores in the feet
are introduced to an electromagnetic field, they produce a dialysis effect which
expels toxins from the body helping it to rebalance.
Immerse your feet in clear clean water for 30 minutes and watch the water change

One treatment can give a sense of well being. Most people think clearer and
experience more energy.

There are so many testimonies here are just a few.

-Wrist Pain eliminated

-Cyst dissappeared

-Blood pressure lowered

-Menstrual cramps not as bad

-Arthritis now painless

-Skin much smoother much more energy
Our Prices-$25 per each session / $40 per session for house calls

Seniors- $25 per session for house calls

We offer Detox parties.
The host will receive a complimentary treatment.

Refer 4 people get one session free.

Perfect Touch Salon
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                              ****** We do not make any claims that this Detox cures or treats any disease or disorder****